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Orthopedic Surgery

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Orthopedic Surgery services offered in Delray Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When you can’t find relief from chronic back or neck pain with nonsurgical treatments, you may be a candidate for orthopedic surgery. At the Brain and Spine Center of South Florida, the experienced surgeons use minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat spine injuries and other conditions that cause pain and limit mobility. They also provide personalized after-care services to ensure you heal fully. Call the Palm Beach Gardens or Delray Beach, Florida, office to schedule an orthopedic surgery appointment or book a consultation online today. 

What is orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery focuses on repairing or replacing damaged bones, muscles, tendons, and other musculoskeletal tissues.

The Brain and Spine Center of South Florida offers specialized orthopedic surgeries to address injuries or conditions that affect the health of your spine and cause persistent back or neck pain.

The surgeons use advanced surgical techniques, including minimally invasive robotic surgery, to repair or remove damaged bone and soft tissues from your spine. In addition to treating orthopedic injuries, the team performs surgeries to place spinal cord stimulators or spinal pain pumps.

The surgeons also perform brain surgeries to address essential tremor and other conditions that affect your musculoskeletal function.

Why would I need orthopedic surgery?

You might be a candidate for the orthopedic surgery services available at the Brain and Spine Center of South Florida if you have spine damage from sports injuries, car accidents, falls, or other traumatic events that causes chronic pain and limits your mobility.

You may also need orthopedic surgery to treat underlying medical conditions like:

  • Tumors
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated discs
  • Spine deformities
  • Severe spine fractures

The team uses advanced diagnostic technologies in-office to evaluate the structures of your spine and determine if surgery is the best treatment option for your condition.

The goal of orthopedic surgery is to relieve chronic pain and other symptoms that affect your quality of life and mobility. Before recommending orthopedic surgery, the orthopedic specialists might suggest physical therapy, medications, or other nonsurgical strategies.

How long does recovery from orthopedic surgery take?

There are many factors to consider in your recovery from orthopedic surgery, including the type of surgery you have, your age, and your overall health.

The Brain and Spine Center of South Florida surgeons use minimally invasive techniques when possible. Minimally invasive surgery requires smaller incisions than traditional open surgery, so you can heal faster and with less risk of bleeding, infection, and other complications.

The team discusses what to expect during your recovery before you have surgery, so you can take time off from work and have help at home. They also continue to monitor your recovery during follow-up appointments and may recommend physical therapy to enhance your post-surgical healing.

Call the Brain and Spine Center of South Florida to schedule an orthopedic surgery consultation or book an appointment online today.

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